Hints and Tips for PythonChallenge level 4

This is a page of hints for the Pythonchallenge.com level 4 challenge

It does not contain the answer so you can use as many hints as you want but still have to put everything together yourself to complete it

Note: A lot of these challenges have multiple different ways of solving them, the hints here might not match to what you have found already.

Expand for hint 1

Do not try to manually follow the numbers, there are 100’s

Expand for hint 2

Does Python have a library for reading the content of webpages?

Expand for hint 3

Try Beautiful soup

Expand for hint 4

Can you generate a new url based on what Beautiful soup finds?

Expand for hint 5

Not all the numbers are the same length

Expand for hint 6

The last page doesn’t have anymore numbers


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