Hints and Tips for PythonChallenge level 11

This is a page of hints for the Pythonchallenge.com level 11 challenge

It does not contain the answer so you can use as many hints as you want but still have to put everything together yourself to complete it

Note: A lot of these challenges have multiple different ways of solving them, the hints here might not match to what you have found already.

Expand for hint 1

Platos allegory of the cave tells us that we dont always see the correct picture.

Expand for hint 2

Are you able to extract odd/even parts of the image?

Expand for hint 3

The PIL library is useful for image manipulation.

Expand for hint 4

Try using the % operator to find remainders of numbers.

Expand for hint 5

Look hard at the 2 images you have at the end, the answer is there but very faint, you may miss it on a dark monitor.


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