Interview with Burpsuite creator Dafydd Stuttard

Here’s an old video from 2015 showing an interview with the creator of burpsuite answering a few questions about how it started and why he initially started developing the tool. Like a lot of security applications it seems to have started its life as a hobby project which kept growing with new features until enough people found it useful for it to become mainstream.

Here are some useful timestamps:

6:30- interview starts
13:10 – how burp got its name
29:30 – Burp spider
32:45 – Server side template engines
40:00 – pricing
45:00 – the wider security community
46:30 – Recommendations for vulnerable test applications

Its interesting to note the difference in presentation between Dafydd who most likely spends his days presenting security ideas to IT managers at corporate jobs compared to the two podcast hosts who seem to be trying to create some sort of cross between the stereotypical hoodied hacker and Joe Rogan. As the security industry matures I’m expecting we’ll come across more of the former.