Review of Udemy course – Learning Computer Forensics With Infinite Skills


Forensics is a topic which seems to be referenced in a lot of hacking challenges and real world cyber security problems but for some reason doesn’t get much exposure in the entry level security courses. They tend to focus more on the attacking/red team topics.

I bought this course hoping it would show me some cool new ways of tracking the actions of other on IT networks and piecing together a history of what had happened even if an attacker had attempted to hide their tracks.


  • Well presented course with good audio and visuals.
  • Wide range of topics from Windows, Linux, Mobile, Legal and image acquisition.
  • Good demonstrations of the topics begin discussed.
  • only 11 hours long so can be watched without too much of a time commitment.
  • Introduces a wide variety of free tools you can test


  • The material is very basic compared to what I was expecting.
  • If you have even spent 5-10 minutes looking at logs for any of these systems you are unlikely to learn anything new in the modules.
  • very few “tips and tricks”. I was expecting lots of new techniques that I could make notes of for the next CTF challenges I did but most of the course content is straight forward log browsing.


Overall it’s not a bad course but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are very new to most of the topics. for Example if you do not work in IT have only ever used Windows then the knowledge about topics like Linux or BSD or network logs will likely be new to you and these videos are a great introduction.

If you have been taking part in security challenges or have many years in IT then the few snippets of info you’ll gain from this course are unlikely to be worth the time and cost.