Spotting mobile passcodes/patterns from a distance


A quick warning to anyone who has a very simple passcode to their phone, you never know when you’re being recorded on camera or being watched across the room, if your passcode to get into your phone doesn’t involve your hand moving around to different keys too much its likely very simple for someone to guess your code. Someone entering the code 123456789 will be obvious to spot by the hand movement, as will someone using a passcode with only 1 digit repeated

As seen here with Lance Gooden unlocking his phone whilst being recorded. even though we can’t see the mobile phone screen it’s fairly obvious what the passcode is:


The same applies for unlock patterns which are a simple L or backwards L shape.

In Lances defence this could be a burner phone which only has a Whatsapp chat with the family, or he’s actually far smarter than he appears and has temporarily changed his code for the day if he knew he was going to be recorded. but it does highlight that if you are using a passcode/pattern as your only method of authentication to get into your phone you should try to use different characters as much as possible.