Review of Udemy course – Python for Ethical Hacking: Develop Pentesting tools by hackersploit academy


If anyone starting out with either learning Python or cyber security there is a fantastic course on Udemy you should put serious consideration into buying. The Python for Ethical hacking course takes you step by step through coding your own tools for carrying out various security related tasks such as scanning for open ports and active IP addresses, transferring files between machines and even setting up a botnet which includes coding both the client and server side code.


  • The course covers a lot of different tools so if you are into security there is very likely going to be something relevant to you.
  • The instructor speaks very clearly and explains everything as he goes along.
  • Both Python 2 and 3 are used with discussion of some of the differences.
  • Each tool is coded live which also involves the debugging phase at the end, seeing a skilled coder going through the debugging process is invaluable knowledge which often gets skipped in other courses.
  • While the course is aimed at people with a little bit of experience in Python and coding I feel that anyone with general tech saviness should be able to jump in and follow.
  • The majority of the tools are left open to allow you to add features in the future if it’s something you start using for real world work.


  • The only con I could think of was that most of the tools weren’t demonstrated in a real world scenario. Watching some of these tools in action might have helped learners remember what they do on a deeper level.


This is one of the best courses I have done so far. The experience I’ve gained from watching someone coding these tools and following along in real time far outweighs the learning I’ve gained from other basic python courses which teach things on a more conceptual level.

Some of these tools you create on this course are almost clones of popular tools from Kali Linux which allows you to carry on learning different penetration testing techniques but with a bigger sense of achievement at the end as you know you coded some of the tools yourself by hand.

I’m so impressed by this course that whatever the instructor releases next will likely go onto my wishlist to learn, regardless of the topic.